Food Photography: 5 Things for Making Foods in Photos Seem Real

Food photography has always received so much interest from many people. Capturing photos of foods that are mouthwatering is interesting after all. However, it is not an easy thing to do, of course. It is not as simple as taking photos without considering things. To take photos of foods that can seem real, there are some things you should bear in mind. They are the key points as to how you can do good photography, especially of foods. It is a big no to not consider about them at all, you see. So, let’s see 5 things that are important to take food photos here.

Good Setting for Good Lighting

First thing you have to keep in mind is none other than the setting. It is because it leads to the best lighting to capture the photos. This is that of most important thing that you should not leave out no matter what. When you have to choose setting, it would be best to choose the one by a window with ceiling and walls, of course. Why do you think we have to choose such place? Well, window is something where lots of natural light from outside building can pass through inside it after all. Its existence is pretty much important for taking photos inside building.

It is a good source of lighting after all. Of course, taking photos of foods is better done during the day. How about the ceiling and the walls? Well, ceiling and walls do have the capability to bounce off the flash from your camera. This will give balance to the lighting and cut out the shadows too. Food photography does need these details. Only by taking good settings like this, you will be able to get good lighting too. Even this way, you will be able to make food photos look much real and natural.

Appropriate, Nice Table Setting

After the place you should choose to photograph foods, you have to concern yourself with the setting on the table as well. Where would you take food photos from if it is not on top of the table? Of course, the table should neither look too barren nor too full. Indeed, the food you will take picture from itself needs proper arrangement, but even the context is important. So, don’t merely put so much concern to the food. You will have to know what table setting could be good for it.

There must be one or two extra elements that should accompany the food. Those extra elements can be glass, fork, flower, or even simply napkin. By including such things in the photo with the food, the result will be more than nice to see. In food photography, table setting is pretty significant. Without appropriate and nice one of it, the photos won’t be that interesting to see even when the lighting is good. Be sure to make the food seem mouthwatering while in supportive setting.

Quick Work of Taking the Photos

In photography of foods, there is certain thing you need to remember too. It is about doing quick work of taking the photos of foods. Why would the speed of capturing photos be important anyway? Surely, you must have been curious about that. The reason is actually pretty simple. It is because foods that have just been done cooked are not capable of maintaining their appetizing look for too long. Anything can happen after the cooked time. Foods can melt, collapse, change color, etc.

You must have realized about this, right? So, there is a need to work quickly in food photography. Since the place, lighting, and table setting are important, you have to prepare them before the food is ready to be captured. You can put extra elements immediately, while you use stand-in plate for the food. This way, at the time the real, fresh cooked food arrives, you will be able to put it in its best place and take its photos right away. You won’t miss the just-cooked form and color of the food too.

Rising Steam off the Food Trick

Indeed, there is no better time capturing foods right after they have just cooked. However, it is not like it is the only way you can do. Sometimes, foods can still maintain its form and color even after the steam is gone. Since having steam rising off the food is nice to make ‘just cooked’ impression, you will need to give it some trick for that. Photographing foods with steam will make your photos seem more real after all. What should we do to realize such thing then? There is a way, of course.

Various photographers have tried this trick on the food they would like to take picture of. The way is to soak cotton balls with microwaving water. Placing those cotton balls behind the food will make the steam seem rising right from the food itself. It is a good alternative in food photography to choose when it is too hard to get the steam naturally. Not all food photos should have steam on it. However, you can try this once in a while. It won’t hurt to make more real food photos this way.

Down Close to Capture Photos

The last thing that you need to know about capturing food photos is about how you take them itself. Often, you should be able to find food photos that are taken from above in which you need to have your camera to look down to take shots of the food. Well, sometimes this works for some cases. However, don’t you think it is better if we can look at food photos from the same angle we see it in reality? That would make us seem to see real thing rather than its photo. Many photographers would also think that capturing food photos is better this way.

Food photography includes this for you to consider. In order to capture food photos like that, all you need to do is to shoot from down but close to the plate level. You can move the camera slightly above the level if you want. Just imagine how you see the food in reality without the camera. That would be the right position to take photos of the food you want to capture. By capturing the foods from this angle, you should be able to get the result you want. Of course, the result would be that of the ones that are close to being called real. This is how you take food photos.

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